Conference Training

Scala By The Bay, in coordination with Escalate Software, is offering hands-on classroom training packages in addition to the two-day developer conference. Scala By The Bay will be providing a Fast Track to Scala course and a Fast Track to Spark course, while Escalate Software is providing their Stairway to Scala Advanced course and Fast Track to Akka with Scala course. The classroom training will take place in San Francisco before and after the conference.

Note: Escalate Software Tickets Must Be Purchased Separately From Conference Tickets

While Scala By The Bay courses are available as packages combined with our conference tickets, Escalate Software course tickets must be purchased separately. You can still purchase both conference tickets from Scala By The Bay and course tickets from Escalate Software.


From Scala By The Bay

Scala By The Bay is the flagship conference of SF Scala, the world's largest Scala meetup group. The organizers of SF Scala, along with other Scala and Big Data experts, will be providing this training.

Dates: August 6th and 7th, 2014

This two-day course is designed to give developers proficient in Object-Oriented languages including Java, C#, Python and Ruby the knowledge and experience they need to start programming in Scala.

  • Introduction
  • Scala REPL
  • Functions and Transformations
  • Objects and Traits
  • Option Type
  • Testing
  • Collections and functional programming
  • Pattern Matching
  • Concurrency
  • Libraries and RESTful APIs

See our full brochure for more details.

Dates: August 11th and 12th, 2014

This two-day course for Scala developers introduces Apache Spark, a high-performance data processing framework, and its uses with Big Data and Data Science.

  • Scala Collections and Spark API foundations
  • Spark Setup
  • Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs)
  • Key-Value Pairs and Map/Reduce the Spark way
  • Functions, Transformations, and Actions
  • RDD Persistence
  • Testing Scala Spark programs
  • Loading and cleaning data
  • Data summaries and reporting
  • Introduction to Spark SQL
  • Introduction to algorithms with MLLib and GraphX
  • Introduction to BlinkDB, Tachyon, and the rest of Berkeley Stack

From Escalate Software

The principals of Escalate Software, Bill Venners and Dick Wall, have a deep and extensive knowledge of the Scala language, experience in applying Scala in real world projects, and a strong track record of training and mentoring in Scala and other technologies.

Dates: August 6th and 7th, 2014

This is a two-day in-depth advanced course on the Scala language and core libraries intended for library designers and those who just want to hone their Scala skills.

Prerequisites: A working knowledge of Scala as covered in "Stairway to Scala Applied" or the "Fast Track to Scala" course with at least two months practical experience in developing with Scala. Students should bring their own laptop with Java 6 or higher installed. Setup instructions will be emailed prior to the course start.

  • When to use Mutable State
  • Type Parameterization, Co and Contra Variance, Upper and Lower Bounds
  • Abstract Members in Depth
  • Implicit Conversions and Parameters
  • Type-classes / Context Bounds
  • Implementing Types
  • Extractors
  • Going Further with Akka
  • Modular Programming, Cake and Parfait
  • Object Equality, the Gory Details
  • Workflows and Monads
  • Scala Idioms and Best Practices
  • Domain Specific Languages
  • Design Patterns for Scala
  • Tail Recursion, Trampolines

Dates: August 11th and 12th, 2014

Escalate Software Principals, Bill Venners and Dick Wall, will teach the Fast Track to Akka with Scala course created by Typesafe, Inc.

This two-day course introduces experienced application developers to the reactive Akka toolkit and runtime and the methodologies that enable the creation of real-world actor-based systems in Scala on a single JVM. This course has extensive hands-on work and successive exercises build upon prior lessons learned to produce a fully functional application that is both event-driven and resilient by the conclusion of the course.

Prerequisites: Code examples and exercises will be written in Scala, so a basic knowledge of Scala as covered in either the "Stairway To Scala Applied" or "Fast Track to Scala" courses is required. Students should bring their own laptop with Java 6 or higher installed.

By attending this course, you will:

  • Know how to design scalable, fault-tolerant concurrent applications using Akka's actors
  • Know how to test, tune, and configure Akka applications
  • Know best practices for designing asynchronous, event-driven systems using Akka
  • Be confident to start using Akka in production systems